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Dell™ OptiPlex™ 760 Service Manual

  Cable Cover (Optional)

Cable Cover (Optional)

Attaching the Cable Cover

  1. Ensure that all external device cables are threaded through the hole in the cable cover.

  2. Connect all device cables to the connectors on the back of the computer.

  3. Hold the bottom of the cable cover so as to align the tabs with the slots on the computer's back panel.

  4. Insert the tabs into the slots and slide the cover to align the ends of the cover with the ends of the chassis (see the illustration) until the cable cover is securely positioned.

  5. Install a security device in the security cable slot (optional).


cable cover


security cable slot

Removing the Cable Cover

  1. If a security device is installed in the security cable slot, remove the device.


release button

  1. Slide the release button, grasp the cable cover, and slide the cover sideways as shown until it stops, and then lift the cable cover up and away.

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